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Fresh paint brings radiance to worn spaces. It brings life and character to a room, and is the simplest and most cost-effective way to update a living space.

However, at Radiate Home Renovations, we know that applying colour is actually the final step in the process – the work leading up to it is equally important to the application of the paint itself.

We carefully prepare all surfaces prior to painting, to ensure a long-lasting finish that you will be proud of. This may include patching old surface damages, sanding minor blemishes, caulking wider fissures, removing any mold or mildew, and ensuring all surfaces are clean and dry. Depending on the state of the walls and the existing colour of paint, Radiate Home Renovations can help you select a primer appropriate for your environment as required.

We use Benjamin Moore paints, and can work together with you to select the colour and finish for your spaces.

We also know that you only want painted what needs to be painted! We tarp all areas such as floors, passageways and furniture when we paint.

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